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Activate Self-Healing Power
 and Enjoy a Healthy Life

The Realization of Health Returning to the Natural and Righteous Way of Living

Dr. Shih-Hurng Loh, Formosa (Originally in Chinese)

     It was a great honor to preview Supreme Master Ching Hais new book The Realization of Health Returning to the Natural and Righteous Way of Living. When I opened the electronic files containing the text, I felt a sudden surge of inner energy and was deeply moved. It was such a wonderful experience! Why did this feeling come about? I found my answer after reading and rereading the manuscript. Its the boundless love and compassion for humanity in the words and between the lines that touched my soul.

     This sudden resonance in my heart made me realize the wonders of spiritual power, yet modern science and medicine are still unable to explain such an experience. Even in deciphering the physical phenomena of the universe, science is still limited. Since the 1800s, researchers have been making great strides in the study of microbiology, human anatomy and physiology. And during the twentieth century, such studies have greatly advanced our understanding of Cellular and Molecular Biology, Biochemistry on Ribonucleic Proteins and Genome (DNA) and Metabolic Pathophysiology. Even today it is possible to reproduce life in the laboratory and use stem cells and gene therapy to cure disease and repair organs. Nonetheless, as we enter the new millennium, medical professionals still find no cures for some complex diseases. Even though it is now possible to extend the human life span, modern medicine still cannot effectively address issues such as how to prevent disease and how to help people lead healthy, happy lives.

      After reading The Realization of Health Returning to the Natural and Righteous Way of Living, I began to realize that to overcome these problems, the field of medicine needs to assume a broader perspective, accompanied by compassion, to see through its own contradictions and blind spots. So, where is medicine heading? The book offers numerous insightful views on this question that are worthy of study by professionals in the medical basic research and clinical treatment fields. The wisdom of great spiritual Masters and their selfless love can shed light on ways to advance medical knowledge.

      In the opening chapter, it says that to develop the whole potential of our body, mind and spirit and tune in to the vast reservoir of cosmic energy is the best way to promote health and attain longevity. In East and West the trend has already taken this direction. For example, in the United Kingdom, the Body, Mind and Spirit Expo held yearly in May has become a hugely popular event.

     In the second chapter, A Diet of Love and a Life of Health, Master Ching Hai expounds on topics such as physical and mental fitness, environmental protection and famine, and also offers practical tips on pet care, traveling, and other topics. In Her frequently humorous discourses, She offers both wisdom on daily life and useful health information. Nowadays, with the occurrence of many new diseases yet to be eradicated or even fully understood such as Mad Cow syndrome, foot and mouth disease, bird flu, sea food containing heavy-metal, and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome( SARS), it seems that God is warning humans to forsake meat and go back to a loving vegetarian diet. As we all know, Prevention is better than cure. Master Ching Hai emphasizes with clear yet simple examples that the correct diet is a prerequisite to preventing disease and maintaining good health. She also discusses popular topics such as fasting, genetic engineering, organic food and nutritional supplements.

     Birth, old age, illness, and death are inevitable for all of us, and in the third chapter, Healing without Medicine, Master Ching Hai offers insightful explanations about like attracts like and the root causes of disease and their cure. Peoples thoughts, minds and spirits have the power to activate the bodys self-healing mechanisms, so positive thinking, speech and action can help prevent accidents and illness. Regarding how to make use of their own self-healing potential, readers will find several methods presented in this chapter. Master Ching Hai also presents ideas for medical professionals on how to take care of their patients and at the same time protect themselves. Her emphasis on the importance of positive thinking is very much in accord with current medical discoveries. For example, recent research has shown that laughter is beneficial to our mental and physical health, while depression suppresses the endocrine and immune systems, often causing heart disease and cancer, and in turn reducing the life span by five to ten years.

     In the fourth chapter, How to Confront Suffering Caused by Illness in Yourself and Your Loved Ones, readers will find comfort and feel the power of love as they read through dialogs between Master Ching Hai and Her disciples. Here Master teaches us how to employ an upbeat attitude to recognize positive messages in adverse situations, and consequently become able to face life with courage. Master also recommends a simple and effective method: Pray to God often. Her words remind me of the Latin phrase on the Oxford University Logo Dominus Illuminatio Mea (The Lord is my Light.) These words reflect the message Master Ching Hai relates to the world: All lives are under the care of God.

     In recent years, meditation has become increasingly popular around the world. According to studies conducted at Harvard Universitys and the University of Pennsylvanias Medical Schools, meditation not only helps reduce stress but also strengthens the immune system, thus preventing diseases and enhancing the healing process. In light of such research, the University of Massachusetts School of Medicine has established a meditation clinic, which treats thousands of patients daily. Therefore from the perspectives of science, the cure-it-all Quan Yin Method offered by Master Ching Hai is indeed the most advanced medical treatment in todays medicine field: the energy (vibration) medicine. It also accords with traditional Chinese medicine of qi (energy) and meridians (energy channels.) Readers interested in self healing through meditation can find instructions in Chapter Five, The Self-healing Quality of the Light and Sound Meditation.

     The sixth and final chapter of the book, Optimistic Prospects - Being Healthy with the Earth, reveals important information concerning the future of the world. The messages from Supreme Master Ching Hai should be the guiding light to anyone who is concerned about the well being of the earth and her inhabitants.

     The new era has brought us great hope. Judging from changes occurring in the fields of spirituality, medicine and technology, as well as sweeping social changes, we know that indeed, we are now on the threshold of massive transformations in human consciousness. For example, quantum theory, the Internet and nanotechnology, as well as new inventions in the medical field, including ultrasound, CT scanner, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), PET (Positron Emission Tomography), and MRT (Magnetic Resonance Tester) have all been quantum leaps away from the traditional way of thinking in the science field. As Master Ching Hai says, What is impossible today will be possible tomorrow.

     Supreme Master Ching Hai, repeatedly emphasizes that our spiritual power can help us realize all of our wishes, and She uses numerous examples to support Her points. As I read through the book, I personally experienced Masters spiritual power and blessing. And I sincerely hope that all readers who are concerned about the health, welfare and happiness of themselves, their families and humankind as a whole will find their own answers through reading Master Ching Hais loving and yet simply spoken discourses. I also wish that all will be able to raise their spiritual awareness, open up their unlimited God-given potential for self-healing, and thus realize health in all aspects of living.

* Dr. Shih-Hurng Loh, Ph.D. in Physiology, University of Oxford, UK; Professor of Department of Pharmacology, National Defense Medical Center, Formosa; Lecturer and Advisor of Body and Mind Course, Normal University, Formosa; Lecturer and Advisor of National Emergency Disasters Medical Rescue Team, Formosa