Faded Love

<The Tender Inner World of a Saintly Poet>

From the poetry collection Traces of Previous Lives
Originally in Aulacese: "Tinh Bac"

Oh rivers flowing downstream
  Carrying for me a few hopes and dreams
   You have gone, leaving love barely alive
    Water ferns aimlessly drift and clouds still float by!


Oh boats that sail to destinations unknown,
  Leaving me by the bridge, waiting without end.
   A day of longing seems like a thousand years,
    Forest wind howls, starry path abandoned!

 How long must I go on searching
   For some lingering fragrance, remnants of a dream?
    Gathered together, not enough to fill a past warm embrace!
     Why let youthful eyes turn aloof?

                    Half a year of flaming passion, now like the setting sun,
                 Like evaporating ocean foams and storms crashing onto life.
              A barren desert of salty sand is left behind.
            At nightfall a river of tears floods my lips...

Note: Master has recited this poem in Aulacese. Her beautiful voice and the gracious melody were recorded on the CD "Please Keep Forever". This poem was also set to music by Aulacese composers and recorded by Aulacese singers on CD album "A Touch of Fragrance" and DVD 734, "Buddha's Sadness".

A Refreshingly Bright New Image of Practitioners

     I was very inspired to be able to follow this spiritual practitioner to the deepest and most private corners of Her being. The reader finds Her in love and passionate, in despair as well as in joy, when the spirit gloriously shines to when the mind is engulfed by the fire of passion. I could feel the seemingly endless and dramatic inner struggle between ignorance and enlightenment, between the upward struggle of righteousness and the downward pull of enticement.

     I no longer see the model of spiritual asceticism that leaves one desiccated from abstinence as being correct for spiritual practitioners. On the contrary, I have seen clearly a refreshingly new image which is bright, innocent, and full of life. The poet refers to matters that are normally seen as prohibited in a carefree manner. She mentions past love with a tranquil heart, talks of passion with a pure heart, recalls all the sadness with a heart that is no longer sad, and speaks of past despair with a heart full of hope. This positive, relaxed and uninhibited attitude surely can only exist when a spiritual practitioner has reached the pinnacle of enlightenment.
(originally in Aulacese, excerpted from Supreme Master Ching Hai News Magazine #78)

~Thu Phong, Aulacese poet

Join Together to Appreciate the
Poetry of "Faded Love"

     The beloved has left. What stays behind is a love that is dying. With many years having passed away, a solitary shadow is still waiting by the side of a bridge, not knowing where the cherished one has gone. Dreams and fragrances are fragmented but still lingering. The passionate love that lasted for six months is now fading like the setting sun. Oh, what could one do? The saint is gentle and the poet is melancholy. And it is a combination of the saintliness and the heart of a poet that produced the yearning in "Faded Love" which is so eloquent and charming. The poem was meant to be a poem about lost love. But amongst the words and between the lines, there is no indication of grievance and enmity. What is there is the quiet flow of tender feelings like that of water. Being exposed to poetry like this, I feel my heart is getting closer to the beloved saint. Happiness and joy surge from my heart.

~A Formosa reader who loves poetry

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