Silent Love

<The Tender Inner World of a Saintly Poet>

Lyrics, music and vocals
by Supreme Master Ching Hai

My secret love is burning in my heart
We are near but the silence keeps us apart
Under the still waters, tidal waves move.
Among the clouds, the wind cries softly into raining blue!

Teardrops stained the love letter,
Written last winter, still not sent this summer
Lying alone, listening to the leaves and the falling rain,
I realize the age of innocence has gone away forever...

God exiled a tiny swallow to the riverbank,
One stormy night, its delicate wings were broken!
Alas, it was intoxicated by a love potion,
And forgot the way back to Heaven!

Behind the Curtain

          "Silent Love" ("Người Yêu Chưa Ngỏ"), the fifth track in the special edition of CD Beyond the Realm of Time, was originally two poems. The Saint Poet has merged them into one when She sings the song. As a result, the implication is expanded and has become more meaningful. The first two stanzas are from "Silent Love" in the poetry collection The Lost Memories, while the third is from "Untitled 2" (Không Đề 2) in Traces of Previous Lives, which is also featured in CD Traces of Previous Lives III as track 14 with Master's melodious recital. Interested readers and listeners may compare the different singing styles of the Poet in different periods. The English version opresented here was translated from the Aulacese version of Master's singing. The graceful elegance of the original lyrics in vocabulary and rhyme is not easy to be preserved and conveyed in translation.

~ Poetry Reading and Appreciation ~

Humor and Transcendence in Master's Poetry

     When one has to do something that must be done but is unwilling to get so wound up in it that one may lose the ability to extricate oneself from the situation, one has to transcend. Yet no one could ever self-elevate all on his or her own, without a model. Fortunately, there is such a model in "Silent love."

     In the first stanza, an innocent young woman's attraction to another person develops into an attachment. The naiveté of youth has turned into sorrow.
In the second stanza, her love letter is stained with tears. But the letter she wrote in summer has not been mailed, even by now in wintertime. The sigh over the loss of the innocence also indicates a consciousness that has learned through experience and is therefore more mature and transcending.

     In the third stanza, as it turns out, Heaven, the higher level, emerges. From this height, the mood has become more forgiving, relaxed, and humorous. Humor has dissolved the attachment, and the intention to go back home to Heaven is revived. This is a greater transcendence.

     In the history of literature, there are renowned works that describe love from the viewpoint of two different levels: Heaven and Earth. Dream in a Red Chamber, the foremost literary achievement in Chinese classical literature, is an example. Jia Baoyu is originally a stone that is spiritually awakened along the bank of the river of spirituality in Heaven and Lin Daiyu is an immortal herb called purple pearl on the same bank. The stone has been very kind to water the herb regularly with water from the river and, grateful to the stone, the herb has decided to descend into human world to repay this favor with her tears. Thus a love story filled with tears comes to pass in the human world. The imagination of the immortal stone and herb is truly beautiful and has established their faithful love on a celestial foundation that cannot be destroyed. But there is not much difference between the two levels: the love on the bank of the heavenly river and that in the Garden of Spectacular Views are just two parallel worlds. No enlightenment is forthcoming. Even when the stone becomes a monk in human world, there is no real transcendence.

     When a spiritual being of the highest order descends into the human world, existing in human flesh, She may also go through what human beings would have to. But She is very different from mortals: She is the model.

~ Yiming, New Jersey, USA

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