The White Lily

Respectfully to Master Ching Hai

There is a white lily
Timid and shy, hiding quietly
Gently moves in the soft breeze
And its fragrance, so pure and light!

A pure, innocent young girl
Moon admirer, dream weaver
Loves poetry, then writes verses
Cherishing the hope of a puppy love

Living in daydreams, the sweet verse
When coming of age
Just like a blossoming flower
She smiles, and God gives!

Oh! Is there anything that makes sense?
This world is full of danger and misery
Travelling all corners of the Earth
The Earth, what kind of affinity?

Human life is ephemeral
The world is in upheaval
So much pain and misery
How could she stay to watch?

Living worldly life in glory
Happiness and prosperity
Who knows what the next life is like?

To accept is failure
She is the white lily
Skipping with joy through life’s many paths
For Her eye has opened wide
And the world is intoxicated in happiness

She travels the world
Helping people in misery
Touching many hearts
Reviving withered smiles

Humankind is I
Worldly people also I
Born into this life
All are one family

Helping others, offering herself
Loving people, sacrifice at will
Here she is, the white lily
Shining brightly like the morning sun.

~ Thu Ho, Late Autumn, 1996

An Inspiration About Master Ching Hai

With this inspired poem, I wish to commemorate
An honored lady of this emphemeral place.
The Great Wisdom, as the name means to say,
Melts the human heart, which then sings in praise.

The great enlightenment in the Buddhist way,
Humankind’s grievance has brought forth dismay.
She reaches out to help those in despair,
Bringing loving kindness to all the world, here and there.

The world has said thanks in many different ways,
From golden statues to “Ching Hai Day.”
Au Lac has but one in this modern age
History has marked, and will not fade away.

Hong Khanh T. H.
Late Autumn, 1996

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