Commentaries from Composers, Performers and Authors


The Peace Seeker

     Celebrated Hollywood composers and performers talk about Supreme Master Ching Hai's poems: Fred Karlin, Oscar- and Emmy-winning composer; Maria Newman, elite member of a new generation of American composers; Peter Boyer, composer, conductor, scholar, and a five-time winner of national music awards; Bill Conti, Oscar and Emmy Award winner; Kerry Walsh, world renowned operatic soprano.

A Beautiful Parable
There is So Much Music in the Words of the Poems
How Many Miles to Paradise?
This Song Really Sings Itself


Composer Pham Duy's Commentaries on Supreme Master Ching Hai's Poetry

      Pham Duy is one of the most well-known Aulacese composers. As a special guest at "An Evening of Music and Poetry -- V Traces of Previous Lives and Love Songs," Mr. Pham Duy expressed his views on Supreme Master Ching Hai's poetry. ( more)
An Interview between Vietnam Performing Arts Radio and Composer Pham Duy, January 7, 1997 (Originally in Aulacese)

  Supreme Master Ching Hai: Love and Spiritual Poetry
~Thu Phong
(Originally in Aulacese)

  Two Poems Dedicated to Supreme Master Ching Hai by Composer Thu Ho
White Lily / An Ispiration About Master Ching Hai

  The Journey of Supreme Master Ching Hai: From Poetry to Art ~ Tran Van An (Originally in Aulacese)
Viet Economic Daily News, U.S.A. September 11, 1999

  Reflections on Supreme Master Ching Hai's Poetry
~ Poet Phung Minh Tien
(Originally in Aulacese)


A Journey Through Aesthetic Realms -- CHARITY CONCERT

       A spectacular concert was held at the DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C. two blocks away from the White House on the evening of December 27, 1997. "A Journey Through Aesthetic Realms" was a blend of the traditional and contemporary arts that bridges East and West. It transcends cultural and language barriers, giving the audience a unique and unforgettable artistic experience. This grand gathering featured 25 world-renowned composers and singers, including Pham Duy, Au Lac's Beethoven; American New Age musician David Arkenstone; singer Dalena, who performed in Phantom of the Opera; and many other celebrated singers, actors, composers and lyricists.
Washington Chinese News Jan. 9-15, 1998 -- "A Journey Through Aesthetic Realms" Reverberating with Heavenly Music -- Love and Peace Join the Human Hearts in a Reunion between East and West
Culture Magazine, California, USA , Jan. & Feb. 1998 --"A Journey Through Aesthetic Realms" in Washington, DC



       On Friday evening, December 18, 1998, "One World of Peace ... through Music," a benefit concert organized by the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association, was held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. The event was hosted by actress Debbie Reynolds and actor John Moschitta.( ...more )
Music Hath Charms -- Mabuhay News, Philippines, January 1-15, 1999
Fine Literary Works in Spring, 1999, Viet News U.S.A. The Best Things in the Evening of "One World... of Peace Through Music" -- Hosted by The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association -- Last Christmas at the Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles
"The Peace Seeker" Wins Silver Statuette in the 27th Annual Telly Awards

  Traditional Opera -- A Feast of Wu Tzu Poems
Master's Wu Tzu Poems Touches People's Hearts / Wu Tzu Poems in Calligraphy / Traditional Opera and Storytelling
Traditional Opera On-line : The Ego Seening Master in a Dream

  The Poetic World of “Pebbles and Gold”
You are invited to enjoy fragrance of “Pebbles and Gold” poetry garden.
Venue for Poetry Dancing

Supreme Master Ching Hai's Poetic Songs
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Latest DVD/CD "The Jeweled Verses"

DVDs "Dream in the Night" & "Beyond the Realm of Time"
       How fortunate we are to live in the era of a saintly Poet! Through profound feelings and thoughts conveyed by Her verses, Master guides us on a tour of myriad worlds in the boundless universe. As we become immersed in Master's poems, our thoughts and feelings grow more refined and our heart more perceptive. We hear flowers bloom, smell the sunshine and leisurely touch the clouds in the sky. Through Master's poems, we enter the miracles of Creation and rediscover the tranquility and grace in the depths of our soul. When these two DVDs, fully charged with Master's blessing, touch our heart with Master's sincere love, they open up our own inner flow of love to accommodate all people, things and matters in life, in the same way Master does. ( more )

  Supreme Master Ching Hai's Poetic Songs (6CDs)
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Poetry Anthology

A Biography Revealed through Timeless Poetry
The Vast Heart in Profound Verses of a Saintly Poet -- Latest Revised Editions of Supreme Master Ching Hai's Poetry Anthology
"Traces of A Previous Life" Enjoy the Amination
"Wu Tzu Pomes" Enjoy the Animation
"The Love of Centuries" introduction
"Silent Tears" Introduction