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The Love of a Living Master Reaches All Beings

No. 1112
Date: 2016.10.06
Place: Hong Kong
Occasion: Group Meditation
Chinese and Englsih

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Subtitle: Arabic, Aulacese, Bulgarian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Croatian, Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Japanese , Korean, Malaysia, Mongolian, Persian , Polish, Portuguese , Romanian, Spanish, Thai (23)


During a brief sojourn in Hong Kong, Supreme Master Ching Hai graciously met with Association Members. At the gathering, Master stated that she was very impressed with Hong Kong’s development despite the fact that it is a small and densely populated island. Master also praised the people of Hong Kong for their intelligence and kindness. Walking through the streets and getting in touch with the local people, Master shined her love on all corners of Hong Kong.

While speaking about animals and insects, Master shared that she is always concerned about them, wondering if they are safe, warm enough, or have enough food and water. One time Master reminded the assistant to not step on the grass and to walk carefully so as to avoid inadvertently stepping on little insects. The following day, a grasshopper mom came to thank Master for rescuing her babies the night before! Master also shared many personal stories to remind us to be careful and treat all beings with love.

Master has empathy for all beings’ situation in life. She treats every being around her with love. She worries if the dog would be all right if he has to take repeated injections, patiently listens to and answers the Association Members’ questions, and diligently meditates day and night to save the planet. The Supreme Master said, “I really love everything. I wish all of you would know this kind of love.” From this video, we get a glimpse of a Master’s immense love for all beings.