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Stay in Constant Contact with the Inner Master Power

No. 1114
Date: 2016.10.19
Place: Hsihu, Formosa (Taiwan)
Occasion: Group Meditation

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Supreme Master Ching Hai graciously visited Formosa’s (Taiwan) Taipei Center, bringing boundless joy and happiness to the Association members there! Supreme Master cheerfully talked about a variety of topics: the Formosan (Taiwanese) traditional snack, “stinky tofu”; the diet of spiritual practitioners; the Muslims’ Ramadan; the reason why Buddhists eat one meal a day and no meal after lunch; and the price a Master has to pay. Supreme Master reminded Association members that although the nature can be beneficial to spiritual practice, the most important is to stay in contact with our inner Self and the inner Master power all the time. Relying on our inner power is the best.

The Master power is with us 24/7. We should depend on that power, because it's the power of our True Self, not borrowed from anyone else. We have to dig it out and develop it. At the time of initiation, this power is awakened; once it's revealed, we are connected with Master and the power of the Universe.