The Poetic World of Pebbles and Gold

By Formosa News Group (Originally in Chinese)

[Hsihu] Fellow initiates in Formosa celebrated the release of the Chinese edition of Master’s poetry anthology Pebbles and Gold at Hsihu Center during their first two-day retreat of the year on the January 13-14 weekend of Golden Year 4 (2007). At a creative event held on the beautiful Sunshine Lawn at noon Sunday, the Divine Love poetry recital team captivated the audience with a phenomenal performance marked by a smooth rhythmic flow and accompanied by two graceful dancers. The dedicated performers wholeheartedly expressed the magnificent meaning of Master’s poems.

This innovative effort to announce a new book release turned out to be an exceptional performance. Of the two professional dancers, the brother initiate is a member of the renowned Hantang Yuefu Music Ensemble while the sister has studied modern dance for many years. In this their first joint performance, the dancers used their body language to express the aesthetic beauty of Master’s poetry and to offer a new way to experience the meaning of Her poems. After the performance, the brother dancer expressed his inner feelings. “Master’s poems are simple yet intense. Some reveal true feelings freely while others are delicate and gentle. Initially it was a challenge to get the feel of it. But as I tried to enter the inner spiritual world of the Poet and to get connected from within, inspiration came,” he said. “I felt that I was dancing like floating clouds and flowing water on a stage that extended beyond the lofty and spacious sky. I swayed to the feelings of freedom, free of any choreographic limitations. All I wanted was to become part of the noble and profound thoughts of the Poet.”

The artistic performance featuring static and dynamic elements has successfully imprinted Master’s poems in the hearts and lives of all initiates, holding them enthralled with its spiritual profundity.

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