Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Hsihu, Formosa, June 19, 1995
(Originally in English) Videotape No. 481

The only source of happiness is inside. So whenever you meditate, try to get in touch with that source. It's only one little center inside the so-called brain. It's there, physically inside the brain. Every little nerve and center is responsible for something in our being - psychologically, emotionally and physically. And another one is spiritually responsible for our enlightenment and eternal happiness. There is a little center, almost in the middle of the brain physically. From here (Master points to the middle of Her forehead) and here (the top of the head) go inward into two-thirds of the head. The wisdom eye center must be there, really inside.

So when you look with the wisdom eye, it means you are trying to make contact with that center. Even just sometimes, when you make contact there, in just a matter of seconds you immediately feel different. There is a flash of light and then you feel elated for a long time. Of course you cannot always get in touch with that center, or you are not consciously always in touch with that center. But keep practicing. Practice makes the Master. That's what we do. I am still doing it. I need my happiness to "deal" with all of you! I will die if I don't have this joyful energy to give me something every day to carry on with my work.

You cannot always keep on giving. You will be depleted if you give with the ego or the physical strength of an ordinary human being. Then you will come down in your spiritual practice, and you will become bad and sour. And that's how many so-called gurus became bad, sour and degraded after some time. Perhaps in the beginning they were very pure, very holy and very saintly. But because the method of their practice was not correct and was not directing them toward this forever giving, eternally content center (Master gestures toward the wisdom eye center), they gave everything they had, with all the best intentions, and then they crumbled. They succumbed to all kinds of traps and temptations, like the pressures of society and every circumstance around them.

But these people are very pitiful. If they are such people, we feel more sorry for them. Because they haven't been able to stand themselves, and they have been forced to run. That's why they failed. And that's why I always emphasize to you that you must meditate. Not so that you become good disciples, no, but to save yourselves.