Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Three-day Retreat in Cape Town, South Africa,
November 28-30, 1999 (Originally in English) Videotape No. 673

Q: Could you speak about the third eye and the chakras?

M: The third eye is the true eye of our being. "If thy eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of Light." That is the third eye. Mostly we see the physical manifestation of God with the physical eyes. But if we want to see God as a non-manifested being, we use the spiritual eye, which we call the third eye. In the physical body, the connection between Heaven and Earth is in that third eye center. And actually during meditation, sometimes you see that eye, a single eye, just like your eye but just one single eye. That's called the third eye, or spiritual eye, or wisdom eye or heavenly eye. Whatever, it's the same.

And the heart chakra is not where the heart is, but it's the invisible heart energy that is around the heart. Just like you have an aura surrounding your body, this is the aura surrounding the heart. And the heart chakra is the place where you concentrate if you want to intensify your feelings about something - about love, even about hatred, anything. That is when you use your heart. But if we want to know wisdom, we have to concentrate on the wisdom chakra, which is the third eye again.

We have different chakras in the body - chakras at the feet, charkas at the knees, a chakra at the sexual organs, a chakra at the stomach or the solar plexus, a chakra at the heart, a chakra at the throat, a chakra here (Master points to the wisdom eye center), and the crown chakra. So depending on the purpose of your searching, you concentrate on that chakra. If you concentrate on the wisdom eye, everything intensifies. This is the center of all chakras, the headquarters of our being. So once we concentrate there, we free ourselves and we intensify everything. You love even better, and you understand things better. Your food tastes better. And you work better; you think better; you create things better, you paint better, and so on. Everything intensifies.