Q: Recently, I've been reading a book called The Ocean of Love by Kabir; he was an incarnation of the true God. (M: Yes, yes) He talks about the mouth of Kal. After uninitiated souls die, the messengers of death come and kind of trick them. The souls go towards Kal, and then Kal chews them up. I don't understand what that means.
M: If you are not initiated, Kal, meaning the negative power, will come to you. Kal means negative power in Sanskrit. If you're initiated, the Master will come, and Kal cannot trick you. After initiation, Kal stays away because the soul doesn't belong to him any more; he cannot control you. But he still tries to trick you, of course. He tries to make trouble, but that's his job. And your job is to walk your way, no matter what he says.

Q: It just sounded scary.
M: Ah, no, life is scary; its end is always deadly! (Master and everyone laugh.)

Q: It's scary for uninitiated people.
M: But you are initiated, so you are always protected by the Master. If you really, sincerely want to go Home, even 10,000 Kals can do nothing to you at all.

Q: Is it the same for the people we love and our close friends?
M: Yes! Definitely, yes. The Master will take care of them all. That is the great, great merit of being initiated. If you knew about it, you would die of gratitude and the shock of knowing how great it is, this initiation. Really, it's great.
I cannot describe how great it is. I can only be happy for you. You're really lucky -- yes, very lucky. Absolutely, you have no idea. There's nothing that can buy you this, nothing you can exchange for this and nothing that can earn you this, except God's grace. Of course, it's your time also. But otherwise, even if you pray for a thousand years, you won't get this gift.

It's the greatest thing you can ever have anywhere in the whole universe. Anyone who doesn't have it, even some higher spiritual beings, will envy you. They will envy you very much because you are on the road to mastership, and they're still just spiritual beings, or angels or devas (beings living in the various realms of Heaven). They will die one day, but you won't. They will go lower, but you won't. You'll keep going up all the time, past them, higher than they are, being more glorified and more beautiful. You'll have anything, anything at all. You'll be next to God while they're still swimming somewhere in the three worlds, looking for guidance.

It's very difficult to get this initiation. Oh! My God, when I think about it, oh, wow! Do you know how to win the lotto for six million dollars? This can compare to that in the spiritual world. If you know too much, you might have a heart attack. But how lucky can you be? In the whole universe, you are the best, the picked ones, the selected, the very, very fortunate.

Really, you do not know until the time comes. Sometimes you have to work in this world, so God lets you know very little. Also, we are still in prison, no matter how many things your parents give you to comfort you. You might have a TV or a radio there. But you can't have a lot of things, like your fast car, your helicopter, your palace, your 'air-con' living room, your swimming pool, etc. You're only comforted in prison; you just have livable conditions.

But once you're in there, even when your time is up and you're free from your sentence already, you still have to wait for the bureaucracy. Also, there may be some things you have to take care of. Or maybe your time is not up yet, even though you will be free soon; the lawyer is helping you to get free more quickly, and for sure you will be free since you're not sentenced to death. But still you have to wait. While in prison, you are as comfortable as a prisoner can be; you have the best in the prison. But you're still a prisoner. You have use of all the facilities, but you're still in prison. Therefore, when you really know what your parents have for you to welcome you Home... my God, you cannot imagine it!