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Poem Appreciation by a Literator

“An Unexpected Day”-
Master’s Poems Contain the Secrets of the Universe

By Yiming, New Jersey, USA (Originally in Chinese and English)

     Galaxies being fused together, the cosmos being an invisible tempest, tipsy in love, the sun and moon forgetting their bashfulness, the endless night swiftly blooming into dawn, a turbulent world in this intangible maze, entering an astounding dimension, a thousand-year infatuation from a single glance of passion, awestruck since time immemorial, the earth aglowing, illuminating all other planets, taking each other to the eternal shore, sweetly fragrant breath perfuming Earth and Heaven……… a vast panoramic vision of cosmic wonder is unfolding, expanding and has released a stupendous power that smashes to pieces my mind and joyfully uplifts my trapped but expectant soul. Who could ever account for such an incredible vision in terms of our human intelligence? I am simply dumbfounded and stupefied!

     I have always been thrilled and enchanted since childhood to read anything that delivers cosmic visions: Altair and Vega from Chinese mythology about a fairy from Heaven and her husband on Earth; Lady Chang Er who flew to the Moon; The List of Deified Heroes, whose heroes ride on clouds to visit gods in Heaven; Travels to the West, with its magic monkey who could make one somersault and travel 100,000 miles to land in Heaven; Promethus Bound of ancient Greek legend, and so on.

     Li Bai, the Chinese poet, has claimed to be a fisherman who fishes “giant turtles” on the sea. He would use neon as his thread, the crescent moon as his hook and the wicked men under heaven as his bait to perform his act of fishing. Heine, the German poet, says he would pull out the tallest fir tree from the Norwegian forest and poke it into the lava crater of an active volcano to write on the night sky these burning words: “Agnes, I love you!”

     These are some of the treasures that haunt my memory. These beautiful imaginations have given me nourishment and inspiration and accompanied me through much of my adult life in whatever I went through. But then Master’s poetry gave a shock to my mind. Where in the world of our humanity has there been anyone else who has ever elevated poetical beauty to such heights through such expansive visions of multiple dimensions?

     There is no doubt that Li Bai and Heine are human wizards. But, in terms of width and depth of poetical vision, when compared to Master, the difference is glaring. Li Bai and Heine are major talents, but their spatial consciousness is still restrained by the relentless grip of linear 3D space and time. How could this possibly compare to a spiritual being of the highest order Who knows of no mental and spiritual boundaries and is traveling with a freedom unknown to human beings through so many different dimensions of space and time consciousness?

     Master has indeed revealed in Her poetry some cosmic secrets that would gracefully give a powerful lift to those of us who long to free ourselves from the earthly yoke of the ever-imprisoning spatial consciousness!

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