The Prince

<The Tender Inner World of a Saintly Poet>

From the poetry collection The Dream of a Butterfly
(Originally in English)

Lyrics by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Music by Maria Newman

Whirling night.
Fever runs high.
Liquid rhythm, golden tunes,
Trembling senses and fragrant breath!
The bamboos in a garden corner
Sing glorious love songs...
Together, choir frogs around the lotus pond.
And the weeping willows blow elegant kisses.
The aloof pine trees and cool faced water quiver
In silence.

Darkened firmament,
Shimmering candles,
Now glow with the vibrant power of love.
Time holds still.
And the worn out walkway forgives all trespassers!

O welcome!
Welcoming the Prince of Grace!
Whose melodious voice 's clear as the sound of a mountain spring,
And whose embracing eyes
Are blue as the water of the peaceful Azure Coast.

The flowers whisper:
"One would never want to see any other man."

~ Monaco

*This poem was set to music by Maria Newman and performed by soprano singer Anne Marie Ketchum at the benefit concert “One World… of peace through music.” The live concert, held at Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California, USA, was recorded on CD and video.


Newman and Thatcher were struck by the poem's
sensual and sincere portrayal of love

     Daughter of the legendary composer Alfred Newman, Maria Newman is an effervescent and talented composer, who has composed an orchestral piece around lyrics of the internationally recognized poet Supreme Master Ching Hai entitled "The Prince." When first reading Supreme Master Ching Hai's work, Newman immediately felt that the strong imagery created by the description of the poet's surroundings at the time would be offered beautiful support by orchestral harmonies.

     George Thatcher, an internationally renowned trombonist and composer, has played in many hit movie scores such as Jurassic Park, Men in Black and Toy Story. Thatcher shares Newman's warmth for both the poem and the poet Supreme Master Ching Hai, whom he describes as one of the most inspiring artists and humanitarians he has ever come across. Both Newman and Thatcher were struck by the poem's sensual and sincere portrayal of love, which carries the obvious earthly awe of beauty and gentleness so graciously alongside that of a deeper and more spiritual nature:

~by Elliott Davis, The Orange County Register, Orange County, California, December 13.1998
(Originally in English, excerpted from Supreme Master Ching Hai News Magazine #102)

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