Forever Still

<The Tender Inner World of a Saintly Poet>

From the poetry collection Traces of Previous Lives
(Originally in Aulacese)

Please turn back, darling, and don’t linger;
Let the first moments stay in our sweet memory forever.
So golden and precious our blossoming love –
Unforgettable even from afar!

Departing from the peak of affection, be not reluctant –
Just a touch of sorrow, let me retain!
To partake in the agony of separation and the joy of reunion,
Deepen my heart with yearning!

Don’t think about, ask for, or even deny
The lonely corners of our lives.
The world continues to turn, rainfall or sunshine,
Viewing life’s vicissitudes as but a game!

A hundred years on this meaningless stage,
Face upturned, I laugh aloud in the midst of love.
Heaven and Earth revolve eternally, just let it be!
Night or dawn, it doesn’t really matter to me...

Master has recited this poem in Aulacese. Her beautiful voice and the gracious melody were recorded on the CDs "Traces of Previous Lives II" and"Please Keep Forever".

Commentaries from Poets

     Her poetry also rises above society's preconceived notions. This breaking away from conventional beliefs is indicative of a person in search of the true spiritual path. Indeed, it is this quality that gives the reader delight when reading Master's Traces of Previous Lives.

~ Aulacese Professor Tran Van An

     "The most attractive aspect of the poem is the clear-sighted wisdom that sees through the impermanence of human world. With a far-reaching open mind that is aware of these things, the author is trying to tell us not to deny tlonely moments in life. Though a love poem, it is charged with transcending meaning of Tao. If one does not have the capacity to embrace the whole universe, how could one ever hit the target to clear up the Seven Passions and Six Desires? How could one ever be able to elevate human love to an open realm that equals that of Heaven and Earth? For those of us who are still persistently attached to worldly love, this poem is a wake-up call. "

~ Poet M.Y. from Formosa

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