Stay in Constant Contact with the Inner Master Power

Master Dines with Supreme Master TV Staff at Loving Hut

The Love of a Living Master Reaches All Beings

Turn Within to Progress Spiritually

If We Are Virtuous, We Attract Blessings (1,2)

A Gift of Love: Simple & Nutritious Cooking with Supreme Master Ching Hai -- Loving Hut Vegan Hot Dog

Be Forgiving and Merciful: Master's Diary(1,2)

Be Forgiving and Merciful (1,2,3)

Be Noble, Think Noble, and Want Only God(1,2,3,4,5)

Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Plea to Protect the Cape Fur Seals

Good Citizens Give Rise to a Good Leader

When We Practice Well, the World Will Change

Let Our Children Grow in a Healthy Environment (1,2,3)

A Sincere Heart Can Change One's Karma

Meditation Is Very Important

Conserving the World’s Resources

From The Original Universe To Our World: True Love Never Changes (1, 2)

The True Essence of Our Being

The Power of Vegetarianism is All Over the Planet

We Should Eat Less to Meditate Better

It Is Always Better When We Are Positive in Our Mind

The Joy of Homecoming: Master's Rediscovery of the Original Universe

Loving The Silent Tears - The Musical

Unconditional Love is the Best

Concentrate Only on God and Enlightenment

Always Spread More Love

Be a Farmer and Naturally Feel Happy

A King with a Lot of Desires

Master's Journeys to The Higher Regions of The Cosmos

Love Conquers Everything

Every Peaceful Plan Will Be Done

Dedicated to a Good Cause

Lovely Animal Stories

Unconditional Love Is a Very Uplifting Power

To Practice Spiritually Is to Be a Shining Example

Ringing in New Year with Beloved Master

The Palace of God

Book Premiere Concert for Supreme Master Ching Hai's Celestial Art and The Love of Centuries - Aulacese (Vietnamese) Editions

Sufi Teachings and the Extraordinary Nature of the Quan Yin Method

A Story from Rumi: The Man Who Wanted to Learn the Language of Animals

A Story about the First Disciple of Taoism

The Story of the Venerable “Cloth Bag”

Practice Diligently to Protect Yourself and Others

The Love of Centuries - Love is Eternal Concert Celebration of
Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Poetry Collection

Anecdotes of Miraculous Wonders

The Tailor and the Two Zen Masters

The Tale of the Wayward Princess

A Cherished Time Between Master and Disciples

The Importance of the Masters’ Teachings

Live Up to Humans' Real Standard

Be Loving and Kind (Part 2 of 2)

The Spirit Catcher Ko Hsuan

Be Loving and Kind (Part 1 of 2)

Lifting the World Up (Part 4 & 5)

A Gift of Love: Simple and Nutritious Cooking with Supreme Master Ching Hai - Refreshing Dishes for Hot Summer Days

Peace and Loving Foods

Meng Tzu and the King of Qi

Develop Compassion and Love Along with Spiritual Practice  (Part 2 of 2)

Rumi's Poem: As the Orchard Is with the Rain

Develop Compassion and Love Along with Spiritual Practice  (Part 1 of 2)

Interview with Supreme Master Ching Hai
by El Quintanarroense Newspaper

Lifting the World Up (Part 3 of 5)

Lifting the World Up (Part 2 of 5)

"The Real Love" ─ The Musical for Supreme Master Television's 5th Anniversary

The Greenest Heroes Gala

Lifting the World Up (Part 1 of 5)

To Be True Disciples of the Masters

Meditate as Much as We Can in This Grace Period

A Story about Attachment

A Gift of love: Simple and Nutritious Cooking with Supreme Master Ching Hai - Sweet and Romantic Special Valentine's Dinner

Saving the World Together -- Success Stories of Love

Reaching a Critical Mass to Save the Planet

Meditate More to Realize Our Planet-Saving Power

Use Less Resources and Simplify Life

Try to Remember God All the Time

The Wisdom of Zen Master Zhaozhou

Doing Good Will Have Good Results

It's Not Lonely to Be Alone

Paradise Is Coming Sooner Than We Think

Acceptance and Trust in Heaven

A New Year of Compassion: Special Message from Supreme Master Ching Hai & Bidding Farewell to Supreme Master Television

We Are on the Path of Miracles
A Gift of Love: Simple and Nutritious Cooking with Supreme Master Ching Hai - Mid-Autumn Festival Delicacies - Yearning for the Reunion
Count Our Blessings and Be Positive
Changing Heaven and Earth
We Cannot Become a Saint Without a Loving Heart
From Crisis to Peace: The Whole Universe is Blessing Us
All Animals are Inherently Good
To Stop All Vices: Help Others to be Independent
A Gift of Love: Simple and Nutritious Cooking with Supreme Master Ching Hai ─Delicious and Interesting Happy Children's Vegan Meals
Supreme Master Ching Hai's Book Premiere: The Love of Centuries, Chinese Edition & Videoconference with Ms. Hsiu-Lien Lu, 10th & 11th term Vice President of Formosa (Taiwan)
Get in Touch with Our Own Almighty Power
Love is Very Important
Always be Godlike
Be Strict and Correct in Our Moral Standards
Our True Home is in Heaven
Celebrating the Moon Festival with Supreme Master Ching Hai
The Difference Between the Quan Yin Method and Breatharianism
Interview with Supreme Master Ching Hai by James Bean of Spiritual Awakening Radio
Working in Unity: to Save the Planet
Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Book Premiere: The Love of Centuries, Mongolian Edition
Auspicious Locations for Leaders’ New Headquarters, a Boon for World Peace
Press Conference on Climate Change with Supreme Master Ching Hai
The Negative Influence on Leaders: Portals, Roads, and Sub-Portals to the Hell & Lower Worlds
The 1st Middle East Vegetarian Congress
Mexican Media Interviews with Supreme Master Ching Hai: Televisa TV and Agence France-Presse News Agency
A Gift of Love: Simple and Nutritious Cooking with Supreme Master Ching Hai - A Fireside Reunion for Lunar New Year
Spiritual Blessing Portals & the Gates to Heaven and Hell
Simplify Life: A Way to Improve Our Spiritual Practice
A Gift of Love: Simple and Nutritious Cooking with Supreme Master Ching Hai - Aromatic Wood-fired Delicacies
Be Selfless and Unconditional All the Time
Revealing the Mystery of the Pyramids and Crop Circles
God Quality, and Ways a Master Helps Humanity
Everything Is Possible If We Live the Way of Heaven
New Year Aspirations: Being Closer to God
A Gift of Love: Simple and Nutritious Cooking with Supreme Master Ching Hai - Happy Christmas Vegan Meal
Listening Inwardly to Our Self-Nature Republication

The Book Premiere of Supreme Master Ching Hai's The Dogs in My Life, Spanish Edition


Mexican Media Interviews with Supreme Master Ching Hai:
Radio Formula, Encadena TV and Novedades Newspaper


Seek You First The Kingdom of God


Protect Our Home with L.O.V.E.


The All-Encompassing Love of a Master


Veganism Radiates Compassionate Energy


In Silence We Know God


The Man Who Married a Toad


Leaders Preserving Our Future: Pace & Priorities on Climate Change


Birds of Paradise


Be Organic Vegan to Save the Planet


Develop Our Loving Quality


Elevate Ourselves and Serve Others


Interview with Supreme Master Ching Hai by The Irish Dog Journal


Revelations on the Magnanimous Sun and the Universe


Spiritual Practice and Sincerity Help the Planet


Our Thinking Can Change the Universe


The Premiere of Supreme Master Ching Hai's books,
The Noble Wilds, German and French Ed.,
and The Dogs in My Life, Polish Ed.


Returning to Our True Loving Self


SOS - A Quick Action to Stop Global Warming


Yama Judges a Case


The Legend of Taoists


The Extraordinary Love and Immeasurable Wisdom of a Living Master


Vegan Organic for Prosperity and to Save the Planet from Climate Change


Legends of the Rainbow Lady


Gifting Peace
Supreme Master Television’s 4th Anniversary Celebration


Without Hope or Fear


The Way of the Sufis


Global Warming: Yes, There Is a Solution!


Save Earth with Hope




The Truth About Merits: How to Gain or Lose Them


We are Originally Pure


The Book Premiere of Supreme Master Ching Hai's
The Dogs in My Life and The Noble Wilds - Aulacese Editions


Supreme Master Ching Hai on the Environment:
A Great Mission - Saving the Planet


Humanity's Leap to the Golden Era -
Washington, D.C., Climate Change Conference


Act Like Our True Great Self


Global Unity: Together in Saving Lives


Trust in God to Provide What We Need


The Higher Duty of Enlightened Masters


Solutions for a Beautiful Planet


Embracing a Noble Ideal


Supreme Master Ching Hai on the Environment:
- Be Veg, Go Green, Do Good
- The Only Refuge Is in the Virtuous Way of Living


Media Interviews with Supreme Master Ching Hai:
Journalist Ben Murnane, Published in the Irish Sunday Independent
James Bean of Spiritual Awakening Radio
Journalist Charles Norton for The House Magazine

851 Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai:
“Celestial Art” Book Premiere (Chinese Edition)
889 Renounce Ego to Triumph Ourselves
842 Supreme Master Ching Hai on the Environment:
Leading a Virtuous Lifestyle in Accord with the Law of Love
881 "Children's Health & Sustainable Planet"
Jeju International Conference
876 Create Heaven on Earth
886 When We Pray Alone
894 Supreme Master Television's 3rd Year Anniversary:
Rejoicing in Our Green Planet and Peaceful Life
840 Supreme Master Ching Hai on the Environment:
Humans Are Inherently Compassionate & Loving
875 Supreme Master Ching Hai on the Environment:
We Have to Save the Planet at All Costs
873 Vegan Earth Day for a Vegan World
880 Fall into the Safety of God
874 Supreme Master Ching Hai on the Environment:
Killing is Never Right
878 Supreme Master Ching Hai on the Environment:
The Secrets of Venus
792 Supreme Master Ching Hai on the Environment:
Have a Positive Vision and Attitude
879 The Gratitude of a Fox
839 A Noble Goal & Change of Heart Can Save the Planet
799 Supreme Master Ching Hai on the Environment:
Bringing Greater Comfort and Sustainability to Our Planet
865 Juice Fast for Peace
853 Interview with Supreme Master Ching Hai
by East Coast FM Radio
855 Supreme Master Ching Hai on the Environment:
Going in the Noble Direction
788 Back to Heaven with Peace
852 Video Conference with Supreme Master Ching Hai
Premiere of the English Edition of "Celestial Art"
870 The Blessed Power of High Level
867 Save Our Earth Conference 2009
854 Media Interviews with Supreme Master Ching Hai:
- James Bean of Spiritual Awakening Radio
- Bob Lebensold of Environmentally Sound Radio
- Ms. Andrea Bonnie of Irish Independent Newspaper
871 Practice with Selflessness: Sila and Dhyana Paramita
864 Trust in God
872 Let's Make the Change - Protect the Environment

The Wise Saints--Nasrudin and Rumi's Poems


"Stop Global Warming: Act Now" Conference


The Ego is the Greatest Enemy


Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai & Former Philippine President Fidel Ramos – “Act Now! For a More Peaceful & Safer World”


A Taoist Tale of Longevity


Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai:
SOS - Save the Planet


Awakening a Peaceful Planet - Toward a Heavenly Earth


“Save Our World” Concert from Mongolia


Purity of Heart Can Create Many Miracles


Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai:
Premiere of "The Birds in My Life"


Love for the Homeland


Supreme Master Ching Hai on the Environment:
Compassion Begets Compassion


Supreme Master Ching Hai on the Environment:
Part 1- Eden on Earth through Vegetarianism
Part 2- Spreading the Vegetarian Solution


SOS! International Seminar on Global Warming:
Protecting Lives and Saving the Earth


Supreme Master Ching Hai on the Environment:
Benevolent Messages from Mars-Be Virtuous and Save the Earth


Supreme Master Ching Hai on the Environment:
Live Our Lives with Conscience & Love


2008 Critical Moments to Save the Earth:
What Can I Do?


Supreme Master TV’s 2nd Anniversary:
A Cultural Celebration Honoring All Life


Celestial Art (Part II) – Heavenly Beauty


Celestial Art (Part I) Hsihu Center


Supreme Master Ching Hai on the Environment: Be Veg: Change Our Destiny, Save the Planet


Heart-Touch Tour of the Supreme Master Ching Hai: Eden on Earth Arts Gallery Exhibition


Supreme Master Ching Hai on the Environment: Vegetarianism is the Solution to Save the World


International Best-Selling Author, Supreme Master Ching Hai for the Book Premiere of "The Noble Wilds"


The Key to Success


SOS: Stop Global Warming Seminar


Holiday to Glorify All the Saints


Create a Beautiful and Virtuous World Together


Climate Change International Conference –
Supreme Master Ching Hai with Hollywood Celebrities

665 Halloween Weekend with Supreme Master Ching Hai
820 Kabir and the True Spirit of Sainthood
819 Laughing with Enlightenment
One World of Peace through Music
805 God Created Animals to Help Humans
567 Three Fundamental Issues in Life
812 An Enlightened Master's All-Encompassing Dedication
822 Laugh Your Way to Heaven
588B The Secret of the Past & Future
814 All Peaceful Religions Lead to a United Way of Life
787 Enlightened Government Creating a Bright Future
824 Live in Joy
675 Sharing Songs over a Warm Fire
821 Rise Above Death
697 The Fish Strawberry
816 The True Possession of Spiritual Practitioners
813 Restoring the Planet through Constructive Work
702 True Progress is World Peace
806 Searching for the Divine Truth
698 A Master Incognito
811 World of Elevating Spirits
A Story About Love
801 An Ancient Love
777 Gratitude Brings Glory to the World
715 Practice in Silence & Humility
828 Changing the World with Love
Keeping Faith in Difficult Times
Food for the Soul
Sincerity and Purity of Heart
The Heart of Renunciation
A Humble Way of Life
The Infinite Blessings of Meditation
Go All Out to Resolve the Ecocrisis
Heaven's Loving Support
The Guardian Angels God Bestows Upon Humans
A Meeting of Love
The Touch of a Master
God's Will is Done Through the Master
Remember God in Our Heart, and Our Fate Will Improve
The Power of Positive Thinking
Communicating with Love
A Simple and Noble Life
Laughter is Good for You
The Living Saints
Always Keep a Pure and Contented Heart
Simple Living
The Best Way to Communicate with Animals
The Virtues of A Good Neighbor
The Noble Wilds
Love is the Master
The Merits of Turning back to Goodness
Contributing to This World
High Noble-Quality Countries
A Passionate Evening
The Beginning of Humility
The Strength of Many Hearts
The Courage To Change
Love will Move Mountains
Blessings will Level the Oceans
Love for All Beings
Attending Retreats with a Pure Motive
Life is More Simple When You Listen to God
The Role of A Master
All Through the Night God is Calling Us
Self-Discipline in Spiritual Practice
Our Loved Ones Go to Heaven
Live and Let Live
Springtime Folk Songs
One Person Can Make A Big Difference
Monkhood Begins with Asceticism
Traces of Previous Lives (1)
Children of the Dragon and Fairy
Return to the Innocence of Childhood
Traces of Previous Lives (2)
Dogs Are Wonderful Beings
Spiritual Progress Is Reflected in Daily Life
The Dogs and the Birds in My Life
Positive Thoughts Lead to a Peaceful World
Greatness Is Following Your Ideals
The Inner Telepathy with a Master
Shiva's 112 Ways of Concentration (I)
Laughing Through Life
Unconditional Devotion
A Youth's Passion
Learning to Live in Harmony
To Live with A Noble Purpose
Connecting Yourself with God
The Golden Lotus
The Wisdom Eye
The Jeweled Verses
The Illusionary Game of Life
The Blessing of a Loving Thought
Spirituality Shines in Adversities
Beyond the Realm of Time
Dream in the Night
True Happiness Is Recognizing Our True Nature
The God Consciousness Is in Everything
Dealing with Karma
A Selfless Motive
Walk the Way of a Living Saint
The Real Heroes
The Song of Love
The Heart of A Child
Love Beyond Boundaries
Follow Your Heart
Our Child Nature Is God
The Power to Transmit Enlightenment
The Value of Being Honest
The Truth of Masters' Realm
The Laughing Saints
The Ladder of Spiritual Enlightenment
Forgive Yourself
Master's Pilgrimage to the Himalayas (Part 1, 2)
The Mark of a Great Saint
The Purpose of Enlightenment
The Mystery of Cause and Effect
Let God Serve Through Us
The Truth About the World /
Maitreya Buddha and the Six Children
Spiritual Life and Professional Ethics
Overcoming Bad Habits
The Divine Intelligence of Animals
Rely on Yourself (I, II)
Illusion Is a Reflection of Reality
The True Master Power
Entering the Blissful Union of God
Bringing Perfection into This World
Face Life with Courage
Concentration on Work: A Way of Spiritual Practice
The Choices of Each Soul
The Real Meaning of Ahimsa
Love Is Always Good
Divine Love Is the Only True Love
Sacred Romance
The Way to End Wars
We Are Always Together
The Best Way to Beautify Yourself
Eternal Care From a True Master
The True Manifestation of a Living Master
Bring Out the Best in Yourself
Celebrating Master's Birthday
Non-Regressing Bodhisattvas
Waking Up from the Dream
A Natural Way to Love God
Elevating the World with Spiritual Practice
Each Soul is the Master
How to Practice in the Complicated Society
The Way of Family Harmony
To Practice with Ease
Master's Transformation Body
The Millennium Eve Performance
Art and Spirituality (Collections)
The Smile of an Angel
Beyond the Emptiness of Existence
The Invisible Passage Way
Since I've Loved You
Buddha's Sadness
Appreciate the Value of Initiation
To Impart the Great Teaching
Pacifying the Mind
The Methods of Spiritual Improvement
The Hotel Called Life
Be Determined on the Spiritual Path
Be a Torchbearer for God
Walking in Love and Laughter
Parliament of the World's Religions
Wisdom and Concentration
MTV Songs & Compositions of
The Supreme Master Ching Hai
Life Continues Forever
Transcend Emotions
To Be Enlightened
Leading the World into a New Era
Our Perfect Nature
Freedom Beyond Body and Mind
An Evening with the Stars (Part I, II)
Love Is the True Essence of Life
Enlightenment and Ignorance
The Suffering of This World Comes from Our Ignorance
Listening Inwardly to Our Self-Nature
The Mystery of the World Beyond